Thin Gauge PET

Clear PET

This is a high gloss, 1.1 mil clear PET with EVA adhesive. It processes well, snaps cleanly and is very easy to process.

Matte PET

A 1.1 mil, semi-matte PET, between 14-19 on gloss meter, with EVA adhesive. Runs very well, snaps cleanly, simple to process.


A 1.1 mil, chemically treated PET, with EVA adhesive. The chemical treatment on the surface accepts a wide range of hot and cold glues, and foil stamping.


Use for Book Covers and Jackets, Point of Purchase Displays, Pocket Folders, Advertising Pieces, Posters, etc.

Process Conditions

Temp range 260-280 depending on equipment type and condition, running speed and ambient conditions

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