Thin Gauge OPP

Clear OPP

A 1.0 mil, high gloss OPP with thermally activated EVA adhesive. The surface is corona treated allowing this film surface to be glued and stamped. Runs great in 2-sided applications due to excellent slip characteristics.

Matte OPP

A 1.1 mil, low Matte OPP surface in 6-9 degree range on the gloss meter.  The surface is corona treated to accept spot UV, glueing and stamping.


Book covers and jackets, signage, posters, packaging, folding cartons.


In most widths on the 1/2 inch from 18.5′ – 28.5′, 34.5″, 37.5″, 39.5″; 10,000″ roll lengths, 3″ cores. Custom sizes available.

Process Conditions

Temperature range should be 205-225 Fahrenheit, depending on equipment type and condition, running speed and ambient conditions.


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