Product description

Copyright 2013 Derprosa, used by permission
Luxury packaging created with Derprosa’s Anti-Scratch, Silver, and Soft Touch films

Top coated printable silver gloss OPP film.


To be laminated on paper or board.

Surface printability

A trial run is recommended to establish the optimal process:

  • Offset UV.
  • Traditional offset with fast dry inks.
  • Heidelberg Speedmaster.
  • Digital HP Indigo.
  • Digital Konica Minolta.
  • Canon / Océ


Smooth and continuous lamination production process, fast run, easy cutting.
Excellent adhesion of glues and stampings.


  • Book jackets.
  • Luxury packaging.
  • Cosmetics and perfumery.
  • Silver boards for multiple usage.

Key handling recommendations

  • The lamination temperature recommended 170 – 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temperatures may cause optical problems on the film surface.
  • The heating roll on the laminator must be free of defects, since these may be be transmitted or copied to the film surface.
  • For carton gluing, we recommend using either hot-melt glues or cold water based glues. Trial run recommended.
  • For traditional offset printing, it is not recommended to stack more than 4 inches of the printed sheet. When possible, it is recommended to stack the sheets in vertical position.
  • For UV inks, the UV lamp must be adjusted to ensure the ink is fully cured.
  • For HP Indigo, it is not recommended to stack more than 4 inches of the printed sheets. The inks will need some time to dry. The ink adhesion is to be tested once the inks have been fully dried. The blanket roller temperature should be within 210 – 250 degrees Fahrenheit range.

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