Soft Touch

Product description

Copyright 2013 Derprosa, used by permission
Luxury packaging created with Derprosa’s Soft Touch film

Soft Touch thermal laminating film has a unique tactile finish and an extra matte look.  It is ideal for luxury packaging and is excellent wherever you want the elegance of matte.


  • Smooth Soft Touch feel similar to peach skin that adds value to your print.
  • The best color deepening (No color tonality change after lamination and dark colors intensified).
  • Extra matte finish.
  • Glueable, stampable and surface printable film. Excellent surface adhesion.

Market applications

  • Luxury packaging (cases, carton boxes, shopping bags,…).
  • Book jackets.
  • Branded labelling.
  • Stationery.
  • Labels for wines, liquors, spirits.
  • Luxury brand catalogues.


Key handling recommendations

  • This film has an extra matte finish, so we recommend handling it wearing cotton gloves or at least with washed and cleaned bare hands.
  • With this film, the temperature of the heating roll can be increased from 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, since the film surface is more resistant to the heat. Higher temperatures can be applied as long as the film does not shrink.
  • The processing speed must be reduced from 30 to 50% to make sure that a good adhesion to the paper board is achieved. The thicker EVA layer needs more time to get fully melted. The extra matte surface has lower heat transfer capacity than the conventional matte film.
  • The film must be laminated onto well dried paper board (24-48 hours waiting time recommended between printing and lamination).
  • We recommend that the folding processes are carried out 24-48 hours after the lamination. The film adhesion improves in time.
  • Derprosa guarantees the adhesion to boards thinner than 160 gr/m². Over thicker boards we recommend using the Digi-Stick version to secure the correct bond.

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