Silver Matte

Product description

Copyright 2013 Derprosa, used by permission
Stunning packaging created with Derprosa’s Silver Matte

Top coated silver matte OPP with anti-fingerprint and anti-scuff properties.


To be laminated on paper or board.

Surface printability

We recommend a trial run to determine an optimal process:

  • Offset UV.
  • Traditional offset with fast dry inks.
  • Digital HP Indigo.
  • Screen print.


  • Good scuff resistance.
  • Anti-fingerprint properties.
  • Excellent ink adhesion, no further coatings necessary to protect the inks.
  • The film surface is glueable and stampable.
  • The film surface offers a sensation of luxury and exclusivity.


Carton folding.

Key handling recommendations

  • The lamination temperature recommended 185 – 215 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the production speed. The recommended temperature range allows the optimal bonding adhesion. Higher temperatures may cause optical problems on the film surface.
  • The heating roll on the laminator must be free of defects, since these may be transmitted or copied to the film surface.
  • The top coat adheres to UV and fast dry offset inks. We recommend previous trial to ensure that the process conditions are optimal.

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